Friday, February 13, 2009

The Art of the Manwhore

The other day I was having a conversation with a guy I know who has bragged to me about sleeping with over a hundred girls in just over two and a half decades on earth.

And I jokingly referred to him as a manwhore to which he got incredibly upset and said that he shouldn't be labeled a manwhore because "girls are so slutty that they jump into bed with him and it's really their fault for being so easy in the first place." Then after I got over being offended by his comment, I decided that is the single lamest excuse of all time.

I had gotten a similar excuse from Dirty Irish a few weeks ago. He somewhat acknowledges that he is a manwhore and explained to me that girls can't get mad at him, because they know what he is when they get involved with him, but then they do it anyway. So it's really just their own faults when they sleep with him and he doesn't ever call.

So this seems to be the rationale of the manwhore: It's not my fault that all these girls sleep with me. They are sluts but simultaneously smart enough to know the consequences of their actions, so really it's the girls' faults that I am such a dirty manwhore.

What a total crock of shit.

The basis of guy/manwhore rationale seems to be that if a girl is willing to sleep with you, you absolutely have to sleep with her. The idea that you should turn her down and maybe not sleep with her somehow does not occur to guys.

This explains why guys seem so proud on the few occasions when they do turn girls down for sex. Apparently it goes against their entire nature and should be considered some incredible moral triumph.

Seriously. Crock of shit.

I guess what guys don't realize is we girls walk out into the world every day and are confronted with countless opportunities for sex. Walking into a bar is a veritable invitation to be propositioned nonstop. And we manage to somehow not drop our pants at every guy that says, "Hey, how you doin?"

I know some people are tempted to blame this on natural human instincts, that the man is meant to spread his seed and the woman is supposed to stay home and care for the nest. I hate this kind of cop-out reasoning because it absolves one's actions and mistakes by blaming them on "human nature," when the fact is we are capable of rational thought and exist in some sort of moral society with repurcussions of which we are usually well aware.

I have utterly no problems with manwhores. I have friends, male and female, who are sexually promiscuous, and I don't judge them in any way for it. What I have a problem with, however, is not taking responsibilty for your actions, and blaming them on someone else.

Own it. Live it. You go, manwhore!

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