Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sketch Much?

So a while ago, over a year ago now, I met PBD (Pretty But Dumb) at my workplace. To sum up our brief (nonexistent) relationship, I asked him out to drinks and he turned me down because he had a girlfriend, but suggested that we become "just friends" before promptly sending me a slew of inappropriate flirty e-mails, at which point I blew him off.

At this point, I figured it was the last I'd ever hear from PBD again. But lo and behold, yesterday I got a friend request from him on Facebook.

I absentmindedly accepted the friend request, vaguely remembering his name, but didn't think much of it. Then today he sent me a message via Facebook saying, "Hey, it's been a while. How are you doing? What are you up to these days?"

Yes, it was a friendly message, but considering we aren't and weren't ever friends, I found it to be slightly odd. Then it occurred to me that maybe he had broken up with his girlfriend and he was reaching out to me because he's single and looking for some rebound booty.

So I clicked through to his profile to try to confirm my hypothesis and what do I find out? Oh, he's definitely not single, he doesn't even have a girlfriend anymore, he is MARRIED. That's right, his status visibly points to being married to a woman who has taken his last name, wedding and honeymoon photos are posted all over his profile, and people have heaped congratulations upon his wall.

From what I can gather, he's only been married for a short while and would still be considered a newlywed. So what in the world is he doing facebook friending and messaging a random single girl that he used to e-mail flirt with a year ago?

In discussing it with my friend J, at first he tried to justify that it was a harmless message and then suggested the possibility that maybe the new wife is into it and they're looking for some sort of threesome. (Boys...)

"He's recently married," I told J.

"Well he's almost guaranteed to soon be recently divorced," J replied.

I have to assume that's a fair assessment. If only a few months into his marriage he has resorted to cyber-stalking and messaging single gals while his wife isn't around, I'm probably not going to bet on them making it to their silver anniversary.

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