Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not Taking Your Shit

So I'm not exactly sure what has come over me. Perhaps it's the new apartment that's given me a new state of mind. Perhaps I have just reached my threshold level for assholes. Perhaps it just felt really good to tell Epic Fail off. Or perhaps I am just cranky because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Whatever the case may be, I woke up today and was determined to cut out unnecessary drama and stress. Late the other night, Client Boy aka Manwhore aka Inappropriate Texter texted me in the middle of the night, despite my repeated attempts to make it clear to him that I do not want him doing so.

Completely fed up, and deciding today was the day to deal with it, I texted him, "Do me a favor. Don't text me again. Don't ever call me again. Delete my number. Thanks."

He responded, "Sure thing, bitch." Three words, but I think they accurately conveyed his immaturity and anger towards me.

Hopefully, this all means that I finally got my message across and he is permanently out of my life.

Already, having slightly a sour taste in my mouth from this mini-ordeal, I checked my messages on Facebook and found a message from PBD. I had thought his previous messages were sketch, but this one blew them all out of the water:

"How did the move go? Did you christen your new apt yet?"

At first, I was just confused about what he meant and then it hit me what the gist of his message was. Just to confirm that I wasn't overreacting, I asked my friend J what it meant.

To which he replied, "WOW. That guy just put it out there, huh? And he's married?"

So now I was just furious that I had been right. Instead of just letting it go, in my rage, I wrote him back:

"Either you're asking me if I've named my apartment or if I've had sex in it yet. Considering the latter would be totally inappropriate, presumptuous, and none of your goddamn business, I'm going to assume it was the former. No, I haven't named my apartment."

And at that point, I assumed I'd never hear from him again.

Instead, within five minutes, he wrote back, "That was an excellently crafted response."

Did he think I was flirting wit him? I thought my rage was obvious in my e-mail, but what I forgot to take into account was that he might just be too stupid to understand my witty conveyance of indignation.

So at this point, I just gave up and deleted his e-mail and decided to just drop the whole thing and forget it.

When recapping the outcome to J, he said to me,

"Wow, I have heard you say a lot of times that you are cutting the assholes and douchebags out of your life, but you've rarely followed through. I am really impressed with you. New S is kicking some ass!"

Damn straight.

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E said...

Seriously, stop being attracted to jerkfaces. Way to go with the ditching.