Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Wanna Get Lost

I can't wait for Obama's speech to not pre-empt Lost

In honor of the premiere of the last season of everyone's favorite desert island show (sorry Gilligan's Island), I'm contemplating the hotties who make Lost even more worth watching.

There seem to be two trains of preference as far as the hot males on the island go. Some people fall into Team Sawyer, and like the rugged bad boy, a reformed con man who is unpredictable and a romantic underneath his rippled exterior. And I am not exaggerating when I say rippled. The scenes of him cutting firewood with his shirt off are totally extraneous to the plot, but ABC's gift to women everywhere.

The other people fall into Team Jack, and have a preference for the somewhat reluctant leader of the pack, a spinal surgeon who once was addicted to alcohol and pain pills but now tries to lead the survivors to the best of his ability. Despite his previous problems, he is a capable, mostly clear-headed decision maker who is constantly worried about the well-being and survival of his people.

And yes, there is one woman rounding out the love triangle, a little piece of eye-candy for the men: Kate, the girl-next-door tomboy beauty who has a fugitive past and a streak of rebellion in her. She kissed Jack and told him she loved him, but then slept with Sawyer, but then started dating Jack and got engaged to him, but he broke up with her because she did a favor for Sawyer she wouldn't tell him about, and looked like she still had feelings for Sawyer, who possibly reciprocated but was dating Jack's ex-girlfriend because they were stuck time-traveling together on the island. And if you're not confused yet, then please explain it to me because I sure as hell am.

I can't think of any girl who wouldn't want to be Kate, stuck between two gorgeous men who both love her and want to make a life with her. Plus it doesn't hurt that she can kick ass, shoot a gun, escape from the FBI, all while looking magazine-perfect and naturally gorgeous.

Now, I understand the appeal of Sawyer. I don't know why, but girls always have a weakness for a bad guy with a good heart. This is probably why so many girls fall in love with an asshole at one point in their lives. We seem to think that deep down underneath, they are good people and if we work hard enough, the good guy inside will eventually emerge. Unfortunately, most of the time, they are just jackasses. After all, if it looks like an asshole and talks like an asshole, well it's probably an asshole.

But Sawyer is a guy who on the exterior only cares about himself and makes a living by deceiving and cheating others, but once in a while his real character shines through and you see that he has good intentions and realize he is constantly caught in a battle between these two sides of him. That makes it easy to root for the good Sawyer, and why we constantly overlook all his selfish deeds.

Plus, let's face it. One of the biggest appeals of the dirty, hot asshole is that he looks like he'd be really, truly fantastic in bed. There is something about Sawyer that just exudes dirty, awesome sex, the kind where he would just throw you around and have his way with you and afterwards, you'd just want more. Case and point, this scene of him and Kate, having sex for the first time in a bear cage:

Despite my lust for Sawyer, at the end of the day, I am fully embedded in my position on Team Jack. There's something about his masculine jaw-line, his brown eyes, his rugged good looks, and the sureness he exudes with every word that he knows what is best and is going to save everyone that gets me every time. He is a good guy struggling with his own demons, a man of science who might have some romance buried deep inside.

Not to mention, Dr. Jack Shepherd puts the sexy back in cut-out sleeveless shirts (but that only works when you're trapped on a desert island and it's too hot when your button-down shirt are sleeves covering up your rippling biceps, so seriously guys, please don't cut the sleeves off your shirts, you look ridiculous).

There is something so sexy about a great set of biceps with a tattoo across them. It implies that there is a hint of badass in the nice guy, doctor exterior. The tattoos are not actually a part of Jack's character persona; they are actor Matthew Fox's actual tattoos.

(Side Story: I actually spotted Matthew Fox about a year ago in the city. I was late for a train at Grand Central, and running with my luggage to catch my train when I spotted him walking down the street. I was hit with the urge to turn around and follow him, but then fought my instincts and caught my train.

I tried to rationalize it afterwards by telling myself that it wouldn't have accomplished anything if I had followed him; after all he's happily married with children. So instead of escorting him back to my apartment and undressing him, realistically, he probably would've walked into a Starbucks and asked a policeman to get the creepy girl with the duffel bags to stop trailing him.

Even knowing that, however, to this day I regret not running after Matthew Fox and am pretty sure I made the wrong decision. As my friend K gasped to me later: "Forget the train! You ALWAYS choose Matthew Fox!")

In my ideal world (so basically not an island with polar bears and smoke monsters and hostiles running rampant), I would get to sleep with Sawyer but end up with Jack. That's totally going to happen, right? Well, a girl can still dream.

In the meantime, I will settle for some answers to the burning questions I have about what is happening on this island. Who is Jacob and why did Fake Locke want to kill him so badly? Did detonating the bomb undo the crash of Oceanic 815, meaning they could've led parallel lives where they never ended up on the island? Do Jin and Sun finally reunite? Is everyone who died on the island really dead? Meaning, if I really cross my fingers, will Boone finally return from the dead and join my list of hot men I'd like to spend some time locked in a bear cage with?

Stay tuned...

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