Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Alright, it absolutely pains me to say this (especially since my friend J is going to get so much pleasure out of it), but in the past few weeks my Bible, my guide, my best friend in book form, He's Just Not That Into You, has been wrong on several occasions.

Now, this is precisely why I hate books of this sort in the first place; they don't always apply to real life scenarios and then you end up assuming something stupid because HJNTIY told you so. And then you end up having totally pointless fights and quoting HJNTIY until guys tell you to shut up and stop letting a book dictate your life (other than, you know, the novels that I write and Harry Potter, obviously).

I hadn't heard from Celebrity Connections Boy in quite some time, which was fine with me since I had decided I was ambivalent about him anyway. And according to HJNTIY, that just meant he was never that into me anyway and couldn't make the extra effort to involve me in his life.

Well out of nowhere, I heard from him the other night. It turned out he had just been through a particularly turbulent few months at work (what with the economy going the way it has been), was worried he was going to get laid off, and was just in a shitty place. But now, he's finally feeling better and is "dying to take me out." His words, not mine.

I'm not particularly interested in this proposition, considering I had written this guy off months ago, especially after he told me he was "immature but a really serious relationship guy." Alarm bells, much?

The most jarring thing about hearing from him is that he was (and is) actually that into me, and he really did just have a lot of difficult stuff going on, which is why I hadn't heard from him, which means that HJNTIY was wrong. Wrong! WRONG!

Now what am I going to rely on completely for relationship advice? Damn...


Anonymous said...

So I was out with aspiring actress-"waitress" girl last nite and realized we hit a crossroad in our relationship. At this point, I had to dust off the only book that has ever helped. WWTRD(what would the ranter do). I opened it and turned to the chapter on cry-baby chicks and told her she needs to get her head out of her ass, and come back to reality and forget about her "dreams" and "aspirations" and get a real job. Needless to say, she left crying so the ranter was left dry with only one option give the time of the evening. I went and got bj from a hooker so in the end, it all worked out. Keep it sleazy, tha ranter

Anonymous said...

welcome back, im glad to see you're back to posting and you have some new romantic interests... what is with these mean posts though? do you know this person?
welcome back, and keep blogging!


Stinger said...

Thanks K - I heart you!

And no, I don't think I know the ranter, or at least I hope I don't...

Anonymous said...

lol, the ranter sounds like he needs to get laid.....maybe if he did he wouldn't have to worry about "cry baby" chicks - keep it clean