Monday, August 11, 2008

Multiple Rejections

I am SO sorry for the long delay in posts, but I was busy sending out my manuscript to literary agents (15 rejections so far, but really, who's counting?).

Now, there was a time (like a few months ago) when I would've claimed that being rejected by a guy you like is the worst kind of rejection that exists. I have now experienced a whole other level of rejection: the kind where you take a year to write a novel that you pour your heart and soul into, and then take months to perfect it and lovingly send it out in packages to literary agents only to receive a constant flow of form letters that say, "Sorry, but this is not for us."

Now, THAT stings.

On a similar note (not really, but hey I'll tie it in somehow), it had been about two weeks since I had last heard a peep from Client Boy and I was discussing the situation with my friend L. I told L, "Well, I think he finally got the point and I won't be hearing from him again."

L laughed at my naivete and said to me, "Trust me, you will be hearing from him again, probably on a weekend night. He is the kind of guy who will NOT get the point just by you ignoring him. And even after you ignore this coming text, you will still probably continue to hear from him every couple weeks."

I doubted L, but that very night at about 2AM, I got a text from Client Boy, saying, "What are you up to?" which is obviously boy language for, "I am horny and alone and therefore was hoping you would be open to coming over and getting naked with me."

I told L he is officially a genius and once again proclaimed that since I had not responded to this text, I thought it was over. But no, no, no. The other night at 1:33AM I got a text with just my name in it, which clearly translates to, "I am bored on a Thursday night and I just got home and I am hoping that me texting you your name is so stimulating that you will immediately come over and entertain me."

Now, since my silence and disappearing act isn't discouraging Client Boy, I am choosing to be continually bemused by his persistence. Plus I have the feeling that even if I did outright reject him and send him a letter that said, "Sorry, but this isn't for me," that wouldn't stop him at all...

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