Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Another Monday Night...

So I was feeling kind of down last night, so B and I went out to our local bar for some Monday night drinking. I noticed a cute guy sitting by himself at a table in the front, so I sat myself down at his table and asked what he was doing.

Turns out in addition to being cute, he is great on paper: Ivy League graduate (thus, the name Ivy Boy), played sports in college, works in Private Equity, lives in a nice area in Manhattan, etc, etc. He's slightly boring, though, as the good-on-paper guys seem to be, and very intense, but I managed to make him crack some smiles with my witty banter.

The end of the night resulted in a hug, kiss on the cheek, him giving me his business card, and inviting me and B to a Sunday Irish breakfast. Therefore, I wasn't entirely sure if he was interested in me at all until one of his friends called. Ivy Boy was trying to convince said friend to come meet us at Reservoir, so he put me on the phone. We started chatting and the friend asked, "Well, are you cute?"

I laughed and handed the phone back to Ivy Boy. "He wants to know if I'm cute, so I thought I'd let you handle this one."

Ivy Boy took the phone back and said, "Not only is she cute, but she is smoking hot and smart."

Not bad for a Monday night.

I sent him a casual e-mail today just saying hi and that it was nice to meet him last night, so we will see.

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