Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Confrontation Is Always Fun

After a seemingly interminable winter, it seems that spring has finally descended onto Manhattan, complete with April storms galore.

This, of course, includes my own thundering into the ear of Client Boy after his heinous behavior on Sunday. I went to see him yesterday and told him that his actions were not to be tolerated and in the future if he wanted to have any sort of relationship/friendship with me, I'd expect some sort of common decency. He promised that if he is having a bad day again and needs to cancel plans with me, he'll let me know.

I'm not entirely sure I believe him, but it's up to him now to prove himself. Before you go and think I'm stupid for giving him another chance, hear my reasoning behind it. I do think he's a nice guy, just very selfish and self-absorbed, which he admits to and knows he needs to work on. And after this, I know that he no longer has any serious long-term potential, because he's a child, but I still do enjoy spending time with him.

We ended on a good note and I'm, at the very least, curious to see how things proceed from now on. I'm also proud that I told him exactly what I was thinking and gave him a (sort of) ultimatum so that he knows where he stands with me and there are behaviors that I will not tolerate if he wants to be in my life to an extent.

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