Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Letting Him Down Easy

Last night, I was sitting around waiting for my food delivery, so I picked up my phone immediately to an unknown number. It turned out to be Lawyer Boy who I met the other night bowling.

I was kind of taken aback, but we chatted for a little while before he asked if he could see me later this week. I told him that I'm busy, which I am, with various friend dinners and events, but I'd let him know if something opens up. I am hoping that he read between the lines and knows that I was trying to let him down because I'm not that interested in going out with him.

I've figured out that saying you're "busy" is usually a euphemism for "not interested." Yes, I am busy this coming week and have plans, but nothing that important and nothing that I wouldn't reschedule for a guy that I really liked. I bet this goes both ways too, and the guys that have been too "busy" to see me just didn't want to make the extra effort.

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