Sunday, April 6, 2008

Striking Out!

Last night I went bowling with my friends, and by bowling I mean, I refused to bowl and we sat around for three hours waiting for a lane to open up anyway. So what do a group of adults do when there are hours to kill? That's right - drink! And drink we did. We started ordering beer towers and taking shots and pretty much didn't stop for the rest of the night, which meant that I woke up with the world's worst hangover this morning.

So what do I do when there are hours to kill and I am hanging out with a bunch of my coupled-up friends? Yep, I hit on random guys. So the Senior Manager of the bowling alley (that's right folks, I'm aiming high) was trying to help us get a lane sooner, and he turned out to be pretty cute, so of course I put my flirting face on and proceeded to hit on him until his shift was over. When we tried to give him my number, though, we found out that he is engaged (!) AND he doesn't drink alcohol. Like ever. Which means that relationship was doomed to fail way before it even began.

When the bowling finally commenced, we were all good and trashed, and had a great time dancing around the lanes and trash-talking each other. People had been trickling in and out all night and when someone's brother showed up, I found my drunk self being pushed towards him and informed "He is single and a successful lawyer!" That is the moment I realized I had become the token single girlfriend of my friends and I was in for a life of being set up. Lawyer Boy seemed nice and cute, but I was far too drunk to be making any real evaluations or non-gibberish conversation for that matter. And yet, my friends kept throwing us together for the remainder of the evening.

At some point my girlfriend W came up to me and said, "Girl, you have an easy life." Why? "He's already in love with you and you didn't even have to say anything. He told his sister he thinks you're beautiful."

The rest of the night was somewhat of a blur. As I put my jacket on to leave, he came over to me and asked if we could go out sometime. In kind of a bind since I was surrounded by the pals that were rooting for us, I gave him my number. Problem is I'm not really very interested in him (what I can remember of him at least).

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Anonymous said...

here's the funny thing. "lawyer boy" did not think you were beautiful, nor interesting to talk to. W was pushing him on you because I thought you were beautiful, not him.
I told him to give you a chance and call you up. crazy, right?