Monday, April 7, 2008

More Roommate Drama

Once NJ Boy was out of the picture, and his roommate seemed to have disappeared with him, I assumed my roommate drama was all behind me. As usual, I was mistaken.

I decided to lay low after the extreme craziness and drunkenness that was last week. However, I was feeling slightly antsy last night and wanted to go out for A beer, so when Slingarm's Roommate called me out of nowhere and invited me out, I couldn't think of any reason not to go.

We've been friends for a while, mostly because he has always been on my side and when Slingarm was being a total asshole to me, his roommate would always defend me and tell Slingarm to be nice to me.

We caught up over a beer and I know I should've anticipated this sooner, but honestly sometimes I can be so naive it's ridiculous, then Slingarm's Roommate told me he'd always liked me and he had been jealous of Slingarm while we were seeing each other. He went on to tell me that he had wanted to ask me out when we first met, but Slingarm had gotten to me first, and he'd always regretted it, but he thought we should give it a chance now.

I mumbled out excuses about friends and Slingarm and whatnot and thought I had made it clear to him that I thought we should just be friends when he actually made a move on me. I pulled an evasive maneuver and then got myself the hell outta there.

Ok, ok, I really know that I should've seen this coming, but I really didn't. I am going to try to be smarter about this from now on. I swear, maybe I'm giving off a scent or something, because I have been attracting a helluva lot of inappropriate advances lately.

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