Friday, April 18, 2008

A Very Eventful Wednesday Night

If I am anything, it's a multi-tasker. And that even comes to my dating and meeting boys. On Wednesday night, I had a networking event that I had to attend, but I agreed to meet B at our bar for drinks beforehand.

St. Paddy's Boy had written me earlier that day that he would be at the same bar B and I frequent, so I agreed to have one beer with him before I left for my event. It was good to see him, but I am still thinking that I'm not that interested in him romantically.

Then, right before B and I were getting ready to leave for the event, we ended up talking to a group of hilarious, young guys. I hit it off with one of them (Celebrity Connections Boy), and we ended up talking for a while and making plans for the weekend. Way before I made any movements to leave, he asked for my phone number. He's very cute, funny, in good shape, AND friends with a very hot TV star, which is always a plus.

B and I finally made it over to the event, very fashionably late, and I made the rounds to say hi to my friends. Then I bumped into a guy that I did business with (no, like actual business, get your mind out of the gutter) many years ago and haven't seen since (we are going to call him AGA, short for Almost Got Away).

When we had originally met, I had thought he was cute, but knew that he had a serious girlfriend at the time. I was still with my boyfriend, so the whole thing was pretty moot. Last night, AGA told me that he had asked one of my coworkers about me because he had thought I was cute. He joked to me, "Think of the lost love connection we almost made!"

"Well, you had a girlfriend anyway," I pointed out.

"Yes, but we broke up. I'm single now."


"But you must still be with your boyfriend, right?"

And that was the beginning of the conversation where I told him I was now single as well. We talked for the remainder of the night. And yes, I will finally end the suspense and confirm that AGA was the guy with whom I had the amazing kiss from last night. I know it was really eating away at you.

All in all, it was quite a successful night. I managed to squeeze in a brief date (St. Paddy's Day Boy), meet a new prospect (Celebrity Connections Boy), and reconnect with AGA. Not bad at all for a Wednesday night.

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