Monday, March 31, 2008

Spoke Too Soon...

Yep that's officially the last time that I go and wax optimistic about something because it inevitably turns to shit right after that. You'd think I would know better by now, but apparently not...

Client Boy asked me to spend Sunday with him before he had to go to an event, so we made plans to meet for brunch and then take in a museum, a cute Sunday date. I was really looking forward to it and feeling all warm and snuggly inside about him.

I called him on Saturday night to confirm our plans for Sunday and never received a response. Then I called again on Sunday half an hour before our pre-scheduled meeting time, and his phone was off. Instead of waiting at the restaurant by myself, pathetically waiting for him to show up, I canceled the reservation and assumed he'd call me later with an amazing excuse.

Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening passed, and still no word.

Heinous, right?

Today, at 6PM I finally heard from him. He told me he just wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone yesterday and he knew it was totally immature, but didn't even have the decency to call or text me that he wasn't feeling up to it. That was it. No cranes collapsing, no dropping phone in the toilet, nothing chaotic or disastrous. He just didn't feel like it.

After a fun weekend with very little sleep, I'm too exhausted to really feel any way about it except exasperated by the immaturity of all the man-boys in Manhattan.

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