Monday, March 17, 2008

Watch Out Hotlanta!

Deciding Manhattan needed a break from the chaos that is my life, I headed to Atlanta to visit my friend R, and apparently brought the "most destructive tornado in years" with me, complete with two deaths and one person whose car flew four football fields away. I've been informed I'm not allowed back in the state until winter, when there is little chance of tornadoes. Whoops. Sorry about that Georgia.

Highlights from my trip:

1) The tornado. Woohoo! I think the only person that got more of a kick out of the footage of windows shattering and the Georgia Dome coming apart than I did was the weatherman that seemed to have been waiting his whole lifetime to deliver this story.

2) The most action I got was when a six-year old came up to my dinner table and offered to make me a "real-life Transformer" when he had "grown bigger." I'm holding you to that deal little guy!

3) Rita's Water Ice! Oh how I love thee.

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