Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Start

After sobering up from all the birthday festivities, I came to an epiphany: I am spending entirely too much of my time on worthless boys. Now, I know, it's taken an embarrassingly long time for me to come to this decision, but at least I did.

When all the alcohol and champagne finally wore off, it hit me how old I am getting and I had the inevitable momentary mid-life crisis. It was then that I made a monumental decision: I am starting over.

As of my birthday, I am wiping away the past and starting off with a clean slate. This means I am done with any of the boys from before my birthday, especially including NJ Boy, Moneybags and Slingarm. I have wasted too much time waiting for them to call, wondering what they're up to, dwelling on their feelings for me, all the while knowing (but not admitting to myself) that it was never going to go anywhere with any of them (yes, partly due to my own commitmentphobia, but that's irrelevant).

So there you go: I am a year older and making a brand new start. I am a blank slate, a virgin, if you will. I am going to make better decisions and stop throwing my time away on guys that don't even call. Take that isle of lost men! You no longer have control over me.

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