Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ode To My Girlfriends

Last night, something truly monumental happened. After weeks of being away with busy work schedules (work? what's that?) and my impromptu disappearing to tornado-ridden cities, my girlfriends and I finally went out together after weeks of well, apart-ness.

Not only did we have a fun time going out together, but it was absolutely wonderful to catch up with them and fill each other in on all our recent escapades. I hadn't realized how much I had missed having my girls around for support and how much I needed E to tell me to "get my shit together" to my face.

I'm one of those girls who got along better with guys than with girls all through high school and college. I always had more male friends than female ones, and my little sister E remarked recently that this is the first time she remembers me having really good girlfriends, which was a relief to her.

Although I still have some great guy friends, I have discovered that being a single girl in Manhattan absolutely requires having a close support group of females in your life. They are the only ones that truly understand the ups and downs of dating and the man freaks that exist in New York City. And I'm lucky enough to know some of the city's most beautiful, smart, and successful chickas in the world (that's right - my friends can beat up your friends). It's all very SATC (Sex and the City, for you non-acronym folks), but I couldn't imagine my life here in Manhattan without my ladies.

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