Friday, March 21, 2008

Thoughts On Philanderers

I know it's a fact that people cheat, male and female alike, but recently I have been hit on by a surprising amount of taken men. Not only has it baffled me, but now I'm wondering if there are any trustworthy men out there after all.

Last night, I went out with B to our usual bar and started talking to a random group of guys at the bar. Totally coincidentally, they were from my alma mater but graduated before I had even gotten there. Nevertheless, we hit it off reminiscing about our college days and the disgusting dorms we lived in. One of them in particular, Alumni Boy, was paying a lot of attention to me and any time I ventured a few feet away, he would promptly call my name. As B said, he was "obsessed."

The funny thing is when he started talking to B and I, he told us he had a "roommate" that we later discovered was a live-in girlfriend of two years. That didn't stop him from talking to me all night and then asking for my number at the end of the night but with the caveat that we would have to "keep it under wraps."

At the same bar, I had a guy hit on me who B later found out was married.

As if that wasn't enough, the other night I went out to an event with a platonic friend of mine who is engaged. I have hung out with him numerous times, met his fiance, and we get along great. We've always had a fun, flirty, casual relationship, but this night he made an inappropriate move on me and I suddenly realized that this friendship wasn't as platonic as I had thought. He actually said to me, "You are so sexy that you make me want to do bad things to you."

This guys is getting married in six months! As I recounted the story to my girlfriends, they were in shock and we all collectively mused over whether there were actually decent, loyal guys left in Manhattan.

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