Friday, March 14, 2008

More on Online Dating

Hanging out with my friend J the other night, he allowed me a peek at his online profiles on his online dating sites, including the M and the J ( and J-Date if you need a refresher). I was highly impressed with the amount of care he had put into his profiles and even more amused that he listed "artichoke hearts and avocados" among his interests. You acknowledge those vegetable passions J!

(Actually, I was just informed that avocados are fruits, and as important as avocados are to me personally, this is an argument I feel is inappropriate in this particular forum. Stay tuned for the all-important fruit vs. vegetable debate on

When asked how successful his ventures have been, J told me that he's gone out on a bunch of first dates with girls he met through his profiles, but it never panned into anything substantive. From speaking with my other friends, this seems to be the general trend. E met a guy through "the M," they saw each other a few times, and he's no longer really in the picture.

J told me, quite frankly, that for the most part the people on the M and the J are "pathetic losers" who can't find dates in real life, and you really have to weed through the unattractive people to get to the ones worth meeting in real life.

All in all, I still have mixed feelings on the internet dating thing, especially in Manhattan where it's so easy to meet people everywhere you go (if you can't tell from my running list of boys that I've met). I haven't gotten to the point yet where I can justify paying $40 a month to post a profile and find dates. Give me a few more months of disastrous dates, though, and I might have changed my tune.

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