Monday, March 3, 2008

Breaking Up Is Always Hard To Do

Today I had a significant breakup, but not with a boy (not that there is a boy I could break up with right now, but that's not the point). I left my day job to pursue my career as a writer full-time; that's right, I am going to be 100% dedicated to writing my novel and other writing projects (including this fabulous blog).

It's a pretty terrifying step, although I'm very excited to do what I love and take some time off from office life. I am not sure people were meant to spent the majority of their lives in cubicles, staring at computer monitors. Therefore, I'll spend my time sitting in my apartment or Starbucks staring at my laptop monitor. It's a really big change, I swear.

I've always found that having a job is very much like being in a relationship. At the beginning, you interview, you hope that they'll like you and call. You sit by the phone, biting your nails, until they finally do. Then, there are the inevitable ups and downs, days you are gloriously happy and fulfilled, days where all you want to do is quit. And then in the end, when you pack up your desk and walk out, you are filled with sadness and uncertainty about whether you made the right decision.

I threw myself into my work after my (relationship) breakup, to keep me occupied and give me a sense of purpose. Without that, it is definitely going to be a big adjustment. Just like with any breakup I can only hope that I did what was right for me and in time it will all make sense.

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