Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't Try This Without Supervision

So in an attempt to do something new and incorporate some new guys into my life since I have sworn off all the previous ones, I went out tonight with my friend B to our local bar spot. It was surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday night, but not quite full of winners, as one would expect.

We sat at one end of the bar and I spotted two cuties on the other side. Usually, in the past, I would've approached them and started chatting with them. However, since this was the new me (and I was feeling lazy since I was sitting on a stool and munching on chips), I turned to B and said, "I think I'm going to buy them beers and see what happens."

I called the bartender over and pointed out the guys: "Please buy each of them a beer and put it on my tab."

He kind of rolled his eyes (yes, I know the whole thing was kind of silly, but whatever), but he did and we promptly got waves from the boys. Instead of coming over (like they were supposed to do, duh), they just drank their free beers. B and I sat on our end of the bar, fuming, until the bartender came back and poured us two shots, "courtesy of the boys over there." We smiled at them, toasted, and took our shots (some sort of watermelon deliciousness).

As if all this wasn't juvenile and ridiculous enough, B and I then proceeded to take a napkin and write them a note (I will attribute this part of the story to the shots we just took). It said, "Thanks for the shots! Come over and chat with us. xoxo." We then handed the note to the bartender, who very visibly rolled his eyes at us this time, clearly peeved at being our messenger boy.

And still they did not come! One of the guys finally came over about ten minutes later and introduced himself as a law student from around the corner. He turned out to be pretty dull and worse, he wasn't as cute as he looked from fifteen feet away. It was disappointing, to say the least.

So, all in all, what did I end up with? Two beers on my tab, a free shot, and an angry bartender. Could be worse.

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