Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They're Alive!!!!!

Excuse me, but I'm slightly in shock. I just heard from Moneybags and spoke to NJ Boy last night after totally writing them off to the Isle of Lost Men.

After meeting Moneybags last week and making bets with my friends about whether he would actually call since he "doesn't do the phone" (B is referring to him as "No-Phone Guy"), I was pretty sure I wouldn't ever actually hear from him. Then, lo and behold, I actually got a call today. We made plans to see each other in the next week, but it's already becoming clear that the gap in our ages (nine years!) might be an obstacle.

Last night, after nine days of silence, I finally spoke to NJ Boy. Turns out my instincts were right and he freaked out after last weekend when I went out with him and his roommates. I totally understood where he was coming from since I have been having my own minor freakouts about how serious things were getting and our possible exclusivity.

We had a calm talk and decided to slow things down and see each other when we see each other, but not get too serious. I don't think I'm in any way ready for a relationship, and I don't think he knows what he wants (in typical boy fashion). He apologized for not calling and agreed that in the future if something is bothering him, he'll talk to me about it. All in all, it was really good to get everything out in the open and I'm glad we talked it out.

Perhaps there is hope for mankind after all...

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