Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drama Drama Drama

For the record, I have made it my life's goal to avoid drama as much as humanly possible. I am already aware that I am a drama magnet, so by avoiding it I figure I'll have an average amount of drama in my life, versus the nonstop drama I have been faced with in the past.

Plus, I am still on my honesty kick, so when Dry Cleaner Guy called me after this weekend, I was tired of making up excuses and fake trips to avoid him.

So when he asked what was going on with me and when he could see me again, I told him as calmly and reasonably as I could, "Look I heard some disturbing stuff this past weekend about you, and there's absolutely no need to get into the details, but I feel that it would just be better if we didn't speak anymore."

I thought I had handled this very well, until he started freaking out on the phone and said, "Why? What happened? What did my brother say about me? What are you talking about?"

I sighed and told him, "We really don't need to talk about this, but your brother did tell me some things that made me uncomfortable. And not only that, he said some things to L that L obviously repeated to me later, and when my best friend is worried about me, then that tells me something."

At this point, the floodgates were opened and Dry Cleaner Guy started raising his voice: "You better be careful about what you're saying, because I am very close to my brother, and you are starting to tread in territory that you should stay out of. And what are you, like five years old? My brother and your best friend get together and talk, so therefore you don't want to see me anymore? Shouldn't you be talking to me about what's bothering you, instead of listening to gossip?"

And then he added, "Plus, my brother told me that he has a crush on you, so he was trying to make me look bad in front of you, and you shouldn't believe any of the shit he says. We're very close but he's really jealous of me."

I was totally over this conversation at this point so I told him that I had no interest in continuing it, and we hung up.

The fact is, I'm not buying the whole sibling rivalry things. I know the sibling dynamic can be very complicated and sometimes there is jealousy and competitiveness, but never in my life have I encountered brothers who claim they are close but then bash each other so blatantly when the other's back is turned.

And seriously, that was the best excuse he could come up with? My brother has a thing for you and was therefore telling you lies so he can get into your pants? If I had half a working brain, one would think I'd eventually figure out his brother was lying to me and then it would look pretty bad. But then again, I'm not sure Dry Cleaner Guy has half a functioning brain, so that explains that...

After the phone call debacle, Dry Cleaner Guy still texted me, "Hey, can we get together and talk face to face? Tonight? Tomorrow? Or never if that's what you prefer."

I chose not to respond. Just as I've chosen not to pick up the subsequent THREE phone calls. I think that should make my never pretty clear. Though you never know with these half-brain people.

Here's my rationale for flat-out ignoring him: He already knows that I'm pissed and I want nothing to do with him. From what I know of him, he is only upset about this because of his massive ego. He has plenty of other girls in the mix, so I don't matter that much to him personally. He just wants to be the one to end it, and not be the one who got rejected.

Since I have already made my stance pretty clear, he is only calling me repeatedly in the hopes that he can tell me off so he can maintain his pride. And by denying him that right, I am hurting his ego more than anything else I could do.

Which, I gotta say, is pretty awesome.

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