Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even the Good Ones...


A long time ago, about a year ago, I briefly dated a guy that I will call for our purposes Double J. I was very into him at the time, a complete smitten kitten, and when it all fell apart because he started seeing someone else, I was pretty devastated.

Looking back on the situation, it all worked out for the best because the week Double J told me he had a girlfriend was the same week that I went on my first date with Goldsomething. And he ended up being the greatest boyfriend ever, so it ended up well.

Despite all good intentions to stay friends, Double J and I lost contact. Until today, when he im-ed me to see how I am doing and catch up.

Apparently, he broke up with the girl he stopped seeing me for, but is now involved with someone new and it's getting serious.

Which is pretty uninteresting except for this:

He followed up with some sexual innuendo suggesting that should he ever break up with his current girlfriend, he would like to leave the door open to have sex with me at that more convenient point.

I ended the conversation abruptly after that, but it's been nagging me since.

A year ago, when I started dating Double J, I thought he was such a good guy. He was sweet, considerate, complimentary. He called when he said he would and apologized if he was late. If he couldn't call, he would text to say why he couldn't call and let me know when he would call. I have rarely been party to such attentiveness.

And he more than fulfills all of my current requirements (minus the single one): he has a great job at which he is very successful, an amazing one-bedroom condo, and no sexual dysfunctions whatsoever.

So yeah, Double J is totally a catch on paper and physically adorable, which explains why I was so into him a year ago, I mean that and the bright blue eyes. I am such a sucker for pretty eyes, but we already know that.

My first clue that he wasn't as sincere as he seemed, though, was when he let on that he had been dating another girl while he was dating me, and didn't have the courtesy to tell me about her for three weeks. And then, today, after the online flirting, I realized that I could never trust this guy.

I mean, at the end of the day, he didn't do anything blatantly wrong, and he spelled out that he wouldn't cheat on any girl that he's seeing, but there is something fundamentally deceitful and skeevy in his behavior.

Which means that even the guys I thought were good, are still scumbags. On top of the guys I already knew were scumbags. Which means they are all scumbags.

Which brings me back to my original sigh. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, you gotta go with the uglier ones...