Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things I Am Obsessed With At the Moment

As it slowly thaws out in NY and all the signs of spring start appearing, I am reminded of why this is my favorite time of the year. Daffodils start peeping out from the ground. Trees start to look leafy green again instead of just being intertwined networks of barren twigs. I can go out at night without being burdened by my winter coat.

And best of all, people seem to come out of hibernation and enter society anew. All of a sudden, the streets are full of people walking. Bars and resaurants reopen their outdoor areas, which means one thing: outdoor drinking and a plethora of happy hours.

My excitement over the onset of spring has led me to think about the other things that I am obsessed with right now:

1) Animated 3-D movies. Amazing. And I was just excited by the free nerd glasses. But I highly recommend Monsters Vs. Aliens for laughs and Coraline for its visually spectacular stop-motion animation.

2) Finding the perfect milkshake/burger combo in Manhattan. Right now, Shake Shack is in the lead but the Burger Joint is a close second.

3) Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm currently reading Eat Pray Love for the fifth time.

4) Modern, artistic, statement jewelry. My recent purchases include Prismera Design, Erica Weiner, and Odette. I appreciate the goods because they're pretty and reasonably priced, but the fact that they're all made by New York artisans is just a bonus.

5) Anything and everything written be Aaron Sorkin, especially The West Wing.

6) Lady GaGa's Poker Face.

7) Sula Paint and Peel water-based nail polish. It goes on more smoothly than every nail polish you've ever used, and doesn't have any smell whatsoever. Plus it's really fun to peel off - reminiscent of those days back in elementary school when you would peel Elmer's glue off your hands.

8) Supercomfy cotton t-shirts from the Gap. I love my clothes to be comfortable and soft, which is why I have amassed a huge collection of Splendid and C&C California tops over the years.

And I never thought I'd say this about the Gap, considered it hasn't been the cool place to shop since I was in fourth grade, but the shirts in their spring line are so soft, wearable, and available in a slew of cute solid colors and stripes.

9) The greatest TV show on air right now: MTV's Taking the Stage. It follows five high school students in the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts (Sarah Jessica Parker's alma mater), the real life reality version of Fame.

On the very first episode, a fight breaks out in the cafeteria, but oh no no, instead of having a fight, someone hits the play button on a boombox and all of a sudden we are in the midst of a DANCE OFF. That's right, folks, an actual dance off. Need I say more?

10) The idea that summer is right around the corner and there are many fun trips to the Hamptons, the Vineyard, and Fire Island in store.

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