Monday, July 21, 2008

Guy Psyche

I won't claim it's the most mature move on my part, but I was pulling a He's Just Not That Into You typical guy stunt and hoping that by disappearing and silence on my end, Client Boy would realize that I was no longer interested in wasting my time with him.

But the big flaw in my plan was that someone as narcissistic as Client Boy never takes a subtle hint, and would never EVER accept that maybe I am rejecting him. That is how I came to receive a series of successive strange text messages starting from last week and continuing nightly until last night. See below:

Tuesday Night, 10PM: Feel like sucking some cock?

Wednesday Night, 11PM: Boo

Thursday Night, 11PM: What's are you doin?

Thursday Night, 11:10PM (after no response to the previous text message): So the answer is being a bitch?

Friday Night, 12AM: Why don't you come see me real quick?

Saturday Night, 2AM: What are you up to?

Now, one would think since I didn't respond to ANY of these texts, he would've gotten the point, and would cease and desist. But I feel like by ignoring him I am somehow feeding the beast and now they are going to come stronger and more frequently than ever.

Which means I might have to just suck it up and tell him to back off, which is probably the grown-up, mature thing to do. But something tells me that he would not respond to it in a grown-up, mature manner...

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