Friday, July 11, 2008

Totally Inappropriate

I've developed a habit of saving my favorite texts in the saved folder on my cell phone and the other night while I was perusing them, doubled over in laughter, I wondered what it is about me that provokes inappropriate texting behavior (or maybe that's just the way guys are). Either way, I thought it would only be fair to share. Enjoy!

"I honestly spent the weekend regretting not finding a little nook somewhere and just trying to fuck like the plane was going down."

"How about you pick up a dominatrix outfit at a costume store then swing by? I'm rock hard"
(For the record, no I did NOT do it.)

"So are you dressed for a sexy adventure?"
(Well, I always am, but thanks for asking!)

"Can I come over to your place a a massive errection?"
(I THINK he meant "as a," but I'm not quite sure...)

And my all-time favorite:

"Let's talk tomorrow..-m gonna jerk off and go to bed lol"
(The typo and throwing "lol" at the end are really what make the text.)

Seriously, is there something about me that screams, "Please, tell me all about your penis!"? Because I don't recall doing so...but then again maybe all guys assume we women are interested in their penises and therefore over divulge information as they see fit.

Feel free to post your own inappropriate texts below!

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Stinger said...

New One!

"Feel like sucking some cock?"