Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vineyard Dude

This past weekend, I went to Martha's Vineyard with my family, which meant there was tons of family drama (AND we were staying in a DRY town, which obviously did NOT help. How exactly does one decide that they are going to blatantly defy an amendment? Seriously, how do you do that?).

In the moment that my sister and I managed to escape from our parents, we perched ourselves on a stoop to watch their July 4th parade when two guys sat down next to us and noticed that I was storing a bottle of wine in my bag (in preparation for returning to the dry town later that night), and started talking to me.

I have absolutely no idea what their names are, so I've been referring to the non-married one as Vineyard Dude. We flirted for a bit, and then the parents came to reclaim sister and I, so we took off, of course not after Vineyard Dude asked for my phone number and I dumbly gave it to him.

Why dumbly? Oh because I was totally unaware at the time, but I was unknowingly subscribing to his life RSS feed. For the rest of the night, about every 10 minutes, I would get texts such as the following:

"Watching the parade."
"In line at the ferry."
"Meg Ryan just ran over my foot with a baby carriage." (Ok, that one was kind of cool.)
"Watching the fireworks and meeting Wasps." (????)

The next day, I figured I was out of the woods, when my phone buzzed with, "Waited 3 hours for breakfast and now walking around in the rain." I turned to my sister and we were laughing about how this guy was crazy when I walked right into him in a store across from our inn. Crazy stalker much?

To make this even better, Vineyard Dude is in Manhattan this week and I (like an idiot) had told him the neighborhood I live in. I am officially walking around in sunglasses and a giant hat until I'm sure he's left the country.

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