Saturday, July 26, 2008


Now, I have witnessed some horrible, horrible things in my life, most recently The Happening (ba dum ch!) And I have seen guys do some really heinous things.

For example, in college my roommate was dating this guy who wanted to break up with her but didn't have the balls to. Therefore, he told her he was moving 300 miles away, they spent a week packing up his apartment together, she drove him to the airport, she cried for a long while, and then we found out that he hadn't moved. That's right, she dropped him off at the airport and he hopped right back into a cab and went back to his apartment and unpacked all his stuff. Heinous, right?

And today, I heard of something equally cowardly and ridiculous. My bff J was in a relationship with this guy for the past six months when he abruptly started drifting away and broke up with her. Then today, two weeks later, she got a message from him on Facebook, YES FACEBOOK, that he met someone else a month ago and has been dating her since. He said he was sorry he was such a coward and he wanted them to still be friends. Well, then maybe Mr. you shouldn't have told her a month after the fact via facebook that you were cheating on her.

Ya think?!?!

Now, just let me vent for one moment here. What the hell is wrong with you guys that you can't just get it together, put yourself through one moment of discomfort, and tell the goddamn truth? This isn't like those times when I went out with a guy and then he dropped off the face of the earth. These were guys that had committed to being in a relationship already. So seriously boys, get your shit together and stop being such seriously heinous assholes.


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