Wednesday, February 27, 2008


In spite of the fact that I swore off drinking on Wednesday nights after the mayhem of last week, I found myself at the local bar drinking with two of my favorite coworkers. As we threw back a few and discussed my dating escapades (always an amusing topic), a huge group of guys walked into the bar, clearly finance guys (the white collar is a dead giveaway) and one of them struck me as extremely attractive.

I immediately pointed him out to my friend B and she went to work as my wing-woman. She walked up to him and the guy he was talking to and told them that the next round of drinks would be on me, so they better drink up. There was some laughing, waving, and embarrassment on my part, but later I walked over to say hi.

Turns out they were finance guys and the one I found attractive was taking his hedge fund clients out for a night on the town, so he wasn't at liberty to flirt. However, as soon as the clients took off, all his attention was on me and a lot of free beers I didn't ask for were suddenly being placed in front of me.

At one point, some of his things fell out of his pocket and as I reached over to get them, I saw they were banking receipts AND they were for very substantial amounts of money (thus, the name Moneybags). Later, my friend would tell me that this was totally a move and the guy did not accidentally drop anything; it was a strategic maneuver on his part. I find this extremely hilarious.

Since he lives in the burbs, he had to get into a company car to get home, but not after getting my phone number and then telling me that he "doesn't do the phone." I had only known him for a couple hours and he was already being weird.

All in all a very interesting night and I'm taking bets on whether he actually calls or not.

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